Saturday, June 6, 2015

In WI, budget & economy stalled. In Iowa, Walker showing off

...he wore jeans, a leather Harley jacket, motorcycle boots, fingerless gloves and a mirrored helmet. He showed off his Harley-Davidson wallet to reporters.
Skillfully using photo op minutiae to mask the bigger picture, and the troubles he's left for others to figure out while he's playing in Iowa:
So the state budget has stalled for now, weighed down by GOP differences over roads, the Milwaukee Bucks arena and minimum wage requirements for construction workers on public projects. The difficulties come as Walker is in the midst of traveling to five states in support of his all-but-certain presidential run and is preparing for a trade mission to Canada next week.
Also: the headline chosen for the linked story in the Journal Sentinel online right now that leads off this posting is beyond ironic, given that Walker is not home managing and grappling with his stalled budget and a stagnant economy his three budgets have made less successful through enforced austerity, downward wage pressure, a failed WEDC job-creating agency and ill-timed-and-placed tax breaks that favored ideology over intelligence:
Scott Walker should feel at home at Harley ride in Iowa today
And you can stretch out the analogies based on his show-boating in Iowa.

For example, the costuming still doesn't get him past "the emperor wears no clothes."

And I'm reminded of that Capital One tag line - - "what's in your wallet?"

If we're talking lost Medicaid dollars, rejected Amtrak funding, transportation budgets - - the answer is "not much."


Anonymous said...

He goes home and tells his family that they loved him and that he killed it.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't that Walker distracts with the image of being a biker. The problem is the media that uses this as an excuse to puff him up and not tell the real truth about his record in Wisconsin. I understand why this post calls out Walker, but if your point is to inform people and make a difference, the real story here is a massive media failure.

Anonymous said...

So why isn't Scott Walker bragging about what he paid for all the Harley gear? Could it be it that it wouldn't play into the lie that he is a frugal consumer that buys shirts for one buck at Kohls?

We all know anything with a Harley logo is extremely expensive. So which is it, Gov.? Are you a frugal "average joe" like Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wants us to believe or are you a spoiled narcissist that pays top-bucks to look stylish?

How much did that Harley wallet cost you for this photo-op?

Anonymous said...

FYI fingerless gloves are called "nose pickers", kind of fits his personality.

Anonymous said...

The MJS headline you decry is just standard operating procedure for the state's largest newspaper. It is nothing more and nothing less than a propaganda tool that is behind Walker 110%

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker probably felt right at home in Boone Iowa today.

Turns out the site has some shady finances and just check it all out here.

mad as hell said...

Scott Walker is just like a Harley.
Image driven, expensive, loud and irritating.

my5cents said...

Does Walker have ADHD? Ever notice that he has a hard time concentrating on the matter at hand, makes snap judgments or decisions, and cannot be still for one minute. Is he a self-centered narcissist with ADHD. That's a potent combination. While he might try to look frugal and press that point for all to be frugal, he is a spendaholic. Otherwise why would he have such high credit card balances? How can you even say you are frugal and owe that much money for incidentals. Doing too much traveling on the credit card? Regardless of how the budget works out, all should beware of Walker. He's been honing his persona and MO for this time and running for President since he was an adolescent and he has down pat exactly what he has to do and what he has to say to get the job whether or not he is qualified.

Anonymous said...

And a relic of the past fueled by nostalgia for the way things used to be in Muhrica.