Monday, June 29, 2015

Supreme Court ruling slows EPA clean air initiatives

Regrettable that the court's conservative blocked by Cranky Scalia today has halted an Obama administration's clean air rule that requires power plant operators to reduce mercury and other toxic emissions.
EPA to issue rules on smokestack greenhouse gases soon

The court said the EPA rule should have taken the cost to operators into consideration before deciding to craft the rule; the good news is that the rule can be rewritten and that many operators are already meeting the rule's goals because cleaner air is what customers and communities - - take as an example Milwaukee, which for years suffered with the archaic Valley plant's pollution - - continue to want.

Walker and the rest of the fossil fuel pollution chorus will hail the ruling as a win, but no one wins when the air and waters near coal-burning electrical generating plants are not as healthy as possible.


Anonymous said...

Who needs clean air when the rest of the environment it toxic soup? Please stop all this meaningless blogging and let's all just relax with a nice glass of water contaminated by the excretion of pig factory farms. There is no reason to advocate for clean air when we literally drink cow & pig feces and urine and the rest of our environment is killing us anyhow.

Anonymous said...

These clowns claim they want to balance harm to the environment with corporate profits. There is no way to balance harm to the environment as there is no fixed cost...........we only have this one planet if we destroy it we destroy ourselves!

Anonymous said...

The Fokken Fossil Fuel Industries should begin to take into consideration their entire cost of operation, which should include the effects of their polluting waste by-products on the environment, and community health.