Thursday, June 25, 2015

About that Paul Ryan Obamacare alternative…never mind

Some Republicans like Paul Ryan, ginned up by talk radio and their fevered imaginations, were already touting their market-based, private insurer-rewarding and ideologically correct alternative to Obamacare which they would roll out when the  Roberts court deep-sized Obamacare.

Oops. Like those 50 House of Representatives' bills to repeal: a waste of time.

I remember when President Obama proudly embraced the sobriquet "Obamacare" after Republicans had used it despairingly.

Laughing last, laughing best.

Good for your health/care.

And then there are those that don't get it, don't want to get and will keep on flailing:
 6 hours ago6 hours agoTune in to to hear how I said Roberts Court bailed out again. We need full repeal. -SKW


Anonymous said...

If there was an alternative to the current law waiting, it was not written by Paul Ryan and the republican dream team.

What credibility does scooter have to comment on national or foreign policy? He's the male version of Sarah Palin. Hopefully, he to will join the former governor's club and end up being canned by Fox news due to a loss of relevance and a warped, naive understanding of law and policy.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that whenever a Republican is interviewed about ACA..........they claim that it is terrible and it must be replaced by their better plan............yet they never bring their better plan forward. If indeed they do have a plan we know it won't benefit the uninsured but will benefit those BIG insurers who are waiting in line with their hands out!

Anonymous said...

despairingly -> disparagingly?