Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Job growth in Walker's term mired in bottom tier

We're #35! We're #35!! - - slow growth through failed economic planning define Walker's four-year term, the final official number show.

In a nutshell, that jobs rocket which Wisconsin legislators and Walker personally launched never performed as promised, as Wisconsin's job growth was just above half the national rate, the data showed.
Such as the falling rocket-propelled arrows stuck in Hatay
Walker is telling potential presidential voters from Iowa to South Carolina and beyond that he wants to do (to?) for them what he has done in Wisconsin, so below average looks like the new normal.

Head's up.


Anonymous said...

Under Walker those living in poverty jumped 8% last year. The phenomenon occurring in Wisconsin is even with employment rising the new jobs pay such low wages that those falling into poverty is also rising.

Anonymous said...

Look at the percentage of WI Jobs website professional positions that are low paying. It is astounding. I sincerely hope that every person who voted for Scott Walker has a chance to be unemployed, get unemployment denied (keeps Walker's unemployment numbers artificially low during his 2016 run), have to spend money to appeal via a lawyer, and then have to submit to 4 jobs per week that are $30k less than what you made yesterday. Then listen to the Walker rhetoric and try to have 1 ounce of sympathy.