Tuesday, June 23, 2015

White Supremacist donated to Walker, Ryan, Johnson

Scott Walker is being criticized by the hometown editorial board and even on the right for projecting indifference, ignorance and ineptitude - - my summations, not theirs - - on the confederate flag issue.

Basically, he wouldn't make a move until SC GOP Gov. Nikki Haley told him which way the wind was blowing, then edged up to the issue by saying, in essence, 'I'm for what she said,' and couldn't offer an original thought.

He has a track record of inartful dodging and backtracking, and never fails to embarrass, so his waffling and weaving of late did not come as a surprise to Wisconsinites with political memory, or The Google.

As I'd said a few days ago, he's yesterday's candidate.

And while Walker - - Hoorah! - - agreed to redirect to charity thousands of dollars in campaign donations he's received in recent years from the Earl Holt the Texan at the helm of the white supremacist group cited as inspiring by the alleged Charleston mass shooter, Walker might be irked that fellow Republican Wisconsin elected officials who also received money from Holt haven't gotten as much ink and online notoriety.

The Guardian has published the entire list, which includes Walker ($3,000), Cong. Paul Ryan's Pac ($1.000) and US Senator Ron Johnson, ($1.250). Welcome to the club.

The Journal Sentinel says the Walker campaign is shedding $3,500 from Holt, fyi.

White supremacists have big money to send from Texas to Wisconsin GOP politicians! Who knew?


Joe R said...

Holt apparently described himself as a self-employed "slumlord" on the form accompanying his $500 donation to Walker in 2012. But that peculiar phrasing did not seem to rouse Walker's crack team of campaign operatives from their money counting.

Anonymous said...

walker is the slumlord of WI. Holt and Walker have a lot in common.