Friday, June 19, 2015

Pope Francis condemned for taking moral position

Not an Onion story.
From Limbaugh to Bush, GOP rejects Pope on climate


mad as hell said...

If you haven't seen it already.

CJ said...

From Scientific American magazine:

Anonymous said...

Also NOT an Onion Story:

Governor Scott Walker tells donors he’s still praying over presidential run

La Mer said...

Walker won't be convinced even by the words of a pope advising respect for nature -- because he is that ridiculous: a Koch henchman who claims to hear god's words in the imaginary sound of bling (i.e., money hitting campaign coffers supporting his presidential delusions).

This self-proclaimed "god-hearing" stinkycheeseyrider wouldn't even listen to Wisconsin's own clergy suggesting he respect workers' rights years ago.

Walker may have to hear all the people across America finally putting a stop to him -- and to the horses a**es he road in on.

Anonymous said...

La Mer

Of course Scott Walker won't listen to the Pope. He has a hotline to God directly (I know because it was reported in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and doesn't need any intermediaries. He won't listen to constituents either, because he is talkin' to the Big Guy himself. Why bother with the masses of unwashed sinners if God tells you everything to do anyhow?

La Mer said...

@Anonymous 10:19 am - "...the Big Guy"...uh, well, I just say "thank Goddess for the progressive bloggers who make us laugh sometimes (or we'd be some really spitting-upset badgers here!!!!"