Thursday, June 11, 2015

Headline raises one of your basic questions

Madison WISC-TV 3 online report notes:
Walker takes on higher education in Wisconsin
So the question is - - not to put too fine a point it - - why, exactly, must higher education in Wisconsin be taken on?


Brian Carlson said...

Education is "taken on" by those who sense or believe that it is a threat to the state or nation to raise critical thinkers. While a country like Denmark invests in its young people and students, providing free tuition to higher education and a living stipend, several hundreds of dollars a month towards board, the US, once a champion of education, offers would be students the prospect of accepting enormous debts that will require a decade or more to repay, assuming they find work in highly competitive fields. They become indentured servants to the larger "program" of consumption and endless cycle. Critical thinkers would question the entire game.They would certainly question authorities, leaders, candidates, etc. They would focus on assessment, critique and, to positive change. Change is the last thing wanted by oligarchs who have progressively throttled this country, calling themselves conservative while growing massive debt and using the funds to bolster their bottom lines. When a governor pits himself against education, it is to control thought. A state full of thinkers is not desirable. The governor prefers worker-bees.

Anonymous said...

Nice of the region's largest tee-vee station to jump on the Walker bandwagon and promote the lie that Scott Walker is "taking on" the very asset that has made Madison and Wisconsin what it was before our divide-and-conquer austerity jerk was catapulted into office. This dichotomy where everything is a war, "us-against-them" is very powerful propaganda.

I know why Scott Walker uses these tactics. Why does the media?

Anonymous said...

Not that PolitiFact is expecially nonpartisan and accurate, but even Scott Walker's biggest in-state newspaper fanboys cannot find him to be truthful the vast majority of time. Walker is lying again, claiming Act 10 raised ACT scores. This should be a FALSE or PANTS-ON-FIRE lie, but even his friends can do no-better than calling it "mostly false".

This is their guy, MJS wants us to believe that a divide-and-conquer habitual liar is a "leader".

nonquixote said...

The perception promoted within the divide and conquer tactics includes insinuation that public education is against the individual "freedom," and for "socialist," cooperation that is necessary for any functioning and healthy society to even exist at basic levels.

The second part of what these radical conservatives fear is any thought in conflict to their christian fundamentalist beliefs. Read Dominionist's. Narrowly focused religious, "values," are used to justify fascist government practices from gun laws to corporate profiteering as with education, the topic here.

Anonymous said...

The implication is that your kids will be brainwashed if they attend UW System schools. Why did Scott Walker allow his spawn to attend UW Madison then?

Raven said...

Walker takes on higher education in Wisconsin

"why, exactly, must higher education in Wisconsin be taken on?"

Because their previous encounter ended with Walker leaving "higher education" without graduating, under questioned circumstances -- he insists he's released his records, PolitiFact notes that actually he hasn't. Apparently Walker doesn't want other people to get university degrees, either.