Sunday, June 21, 2015

Walker needs to bone up on his American history

The Journal Sentinel says Walker "deferred" on whether the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism.

His moral and educational deficits are on full, embarrassing display - - unlike, say, Mitt Romney's.

If Walker has a spare moment on the campaign jet back to Wisconsin, and the talking points and tracking polls have been vetted, rehearsed and put to bed, he might take a few minutes to read through this essay about the history and meaning and use of the flag:
The flag was based on the saltire, a common flag symbol sometimes called the Southern Cross. As historian John Coski writes in The Confederate Battle Flag: America's Most Embattled Emblem, Southerners weren't shy about enlisting the design in the cause of white supremacy. In 1863, the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger wrote that the flag's Southern Cross pointed to "the destiny of the Southern master and his African slave" — the Confederacy's hoped-for expansion of slavery into Latin America.
Or, Walker could festoon his website, Twitter account and Facebook page with images of the flag and have the teachable moment he seems to be asking for.

In the same Journal Sentinel piece, Walker also said:

Talking to reporters a short time later, Walker said the shootings were an act of "racism" and "pure evil" and "all of us regardless of party or background need to denounce not only the act itself but the beliefs" behind it.
But not the symbols that the evil racist has hailed, and which has been used for decades to inflame and justify the continuing racist evil.

Walker also said:

"I think there is a very real concern that needs to be addressed in America about race relations. And I think we need to do more, I think as Americans as a whole, we need to do more to talk about how to unite people in this country."
Perhaps he would like to tell how he plans to do more to "unite people" on these issues, and will be begin by acknowledging that his recent dog-whistling to conservative voters on race - - more examples - - have been insensitive and divisive?


Anonymous said...

I Punt with Walker.

Anonymous said...

What does Gov. "Divide and Conquer" know about uniting people in this country? Talking again with a "forked tongue" after doling out our money to the wealthy then privatizing our public education, cutting aide to our vulnerable elderly, disabled and vets most of whose lifetime sacrifices are unfathomed by him & his ilk.

To those who relate to Walker's public "homeboy" image and ambiguous, really meaningless, word salad press responses I'd say, Walker is relying on you. He expects that your understanding is shallow, that you cannot see behind the curtain or under his veneer. Beneath his outer shell or image lies the most horrible of entities; NOTHING. No knowledge, understanding, empathy, educated mind, loving heart, honorable soul, ability to plan or really lead and so on. A singular greed created from that void lies there so deep that it can never be filled. It is true nihilism that as a black hole devours all that it encounters without acknowledgement or belch of regret still covets more.

If Dorothy can pull back the curtain to see who is really controlling the stage/show would it be possible for you to do the same before its too late? Yes soon it will be too late and for many it already is.

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Well said.

I think 2016 will be the end of Walker as we know it. Walker's ego, in sociopathic terms, has become such an overpowering force that Walker screws up left and right. He wants this so badly, he is almost willing to do anything, including flip-flop, on a regular basis. He is loved by radicals but the anti-Walker movement is finally gaining much needed momentum. Hillary has enough money and influence to bring him down several notches. Burke was honorable but weak. Hillary will literally slay him like a dragon. And his ego won't see it coming. His own party will go after him - especially Trump. Trump doesn't have a ton of credibility as he gave Walker money, but Trump doesn't play to lose. He will embarrass Walker and Walker will lose some independents he was trying to get.
I pray Rubio says no to VP under Walker. That would hurt. Last, Walker has failed WI miserably on economic, environmental and social fronts. It is going to be debated. And Walker, being the mental midget of the group will answer questions by talking in circles. Hillary will put him on the spot just like she did with Ron Johnson during her congressional hearing. Why do you think the GOP has spent so much effort going after Hillary since last year? It is because they know Hillary is well qualified for this job and mental midget Walker cannot honestly debate her. Walker will get crushed.

Walker is heading onto the national stage and he will be attacked in ways he has attacked others. Let the battle begin. Get grassroots efforts coordinated and on the ground now. Spread the word in the communities, especially talking about things people care about. Right to work. Defending public schools. Start using numbers and facts instead of emotions. We will rid ourselves of his snake headed monster Walker if we unite for the good of our people, Americans, and protect our right to a DEMOCRACY.

my5cents said...

Unfortunately Walker has to "bone up" on everything he never learned in school and everything that's been going in our country and the world. He is not a very smart man. He only sounds like it because when he's not flying to yet another governor's convention or Republican meeting (all behind closed doors), on FOX news, or entertaining rich folks for more money, he's in front of a mirror practicing to sound like he's smart. No time to read with all that traveling, meeting, entertaining and practicing going on.