Saturday, June 13, 2015

For your Scott Walker/People Are Catching On weekend update

[Continuously Updated] We've done our due diligence on this blog by following Scott Walker's career, record and activities - - one summary posting with ongoing updates, among many, is here - - and it's good that traditional and digital media are looking to see what's really behind the curtain. Here are a few recent examples, and props to The Madison Capital Times for a dedicated Walker-watch page, and to Dee Hall at The Wisconsin State Journal - - and soon relocating - - for raising the bar:

The Chicago Tribune.

The New York Times Magazine.

The New York Times

Washington Monthly.

The Washington Post.

New York Magazine.


The New Republic.

Los Angeles Times.

The New York Times.


The Chicago Tribune.

The Daily Beast.

National Review.

The Washington Post.

Mother Jones.

Raw Story.

Huffington Post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting all of this. Let's hope the nation catches on.

my5cents said...

I've seen posts on various sites by people from quite a few different states who are not at all happy with Scot Walker. I can't repeat some of the things they've said although all are true. So, yes, people are beginning to catch on to Scott Walker's MO.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 1:56 PM: Looks like the nation and world will catch on before Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I have given up on the people of WI catching on. There is no excuse for what we are allowing to happen to our state.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Walker's probably -20 in approval vs disapproval these days, so I wouldn't sell the people of Wisconsin too short. But to blow it last November is inexcusable when all the signs were there

my5cents said...

Wisconsin would not have blown it if all people who are eligible to vote had gotten out and voted last November. If they don't get photo IDs for all those people, especially in the inner city where 70% of them do not have driver's licenses, the Republicans will continue to win. People have to vote to get change, pure and simple.

Betsy said...

Yesterday I was listening to the Friday news roundup on the Diane Rehm show on NPR. A called phoned in and claimed to be a Democrat from New York. His question: What do you (the panel) think Hillary Clinton thinks of Scott Walker - or words to that effect. He claimed to have always voted for Democrats but after listening to Scott Walker he found he really liked him and whatever he said made sense. He wondered if Hillary would be nervous about SW! Hokum! It seemed to me that it was an obvious Republican Carl Rove trick. The dirty tricks are going to be coming fast and furiously.

Anonymous said...

Besty, Diane Rehm could have put this shmuck up to this! She repeatedly attacked Bernie Sanders as having Israeli citizenship! When he corrected her, she kept up promoting this false meme. She claims now that it was something she picked up on FaceBook, but that is about as lame an excuse as they come. NPR really degenerated into a propaganda machine years ago. There is no legitimate reason for it to exist under its current form.

If you listen to Rehm, you are going to hear lies and disinformation and they are delivered in different ways. It is too bad that some still falsely believe that NPR is somehow "intellectual" and real journalism. It is neither.

Anonymous said...

Folks in WI are too trusting and naiive to see the full effects of Governor Grifter. Until the media start reporting on all the ways Walker hits their checkbooks - no one will care. The media needs to unleash the truth and how it boils down into dollars and cents for the average family. Cuts to UW being siphoned to John Menard and others like him. How does that impact the average Wisconsinite? Your kids won't be able to afford to go to UW, and instead of keeping your kid's tuition low, Walker gave your 1.8 million of your money to John Menard Jr, via the
WEDC. John Menard, the billionaire that dumped toxic waste in an unapproved area, tried to pressure a business associates wife to have a threesome with him and his wife, and the guy who fired a manager for building a ramp for his special needs daughter. Walker & Menard are cut from the same cloth and have NO moral center. Expose all the people Walker screwed over. It STARTED with the teachers, but Walker isn't done yet. Social security recipients - your Act 10 is coming. Medicare recipients - your Act 10 is coming. Medicaid & Disability - your Act 10 is coming. This is just the beginning of Walker's wrath. He is drunk with power, and the destruction will get much worse before people finally wake up.

Anonymous said...

It will need to come to that before WI wakes up. Walker cutting Social Security & Medicare benefits will be a game changer because so many folks in the burbs on both mainly support him. Please SKW, cut away!