Monday, June 15, 2015

WI power-hungry GOP keeps loving big government

They keep wiping out local control when there is a special interest to be served, or when a good kick at Milwaukee feels good.

As noted frequently here.

New GOP motto for Walker's Wisconsin: Getting "public" out of the public sector since 2010.

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Anonymous said...

So to answer your rhetorical question in the post below, why does Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continue to identify republicans as "conservative", taking this word before the party label at least once in each and every story about Walker and his political allies?

It is to distract from the objectively verifiable fact that you are pointing out -- GOP is actually the party of big government and deficits. A review of how democrats and republicans handle budgets demonstrates this as a verifiable fact and a consistent difference between the parties.

The big government folks are the republicans, but that doesn't fit into the narrative that they and their media allies want, so (1). the media will not call out republicans for promoting big government when this is what they stand for. (2). subtle cues are used to create and maintain the false meme that republicans are fiscal conservatives despite the fact the record shows otherwise.

Republicans can also be shown to regularly mismanage and abuse our military, but just like the media falsely brands them as "fiscal conservatives", the media catapults the propaganda that they are tough on defense too.