Monday, June 15, 2015

Milwaukee County's dam waste of money

As I've reported several times, a handful of Milwaukee County residents enjoying the benefits of water in their backyards back up by an antiquated and river-restricting dam on the Milwaukee River - - and they want taxpayers to fork over a fortune to fix, rather than remove, the antiquated structure.

In a way, the dysfunctional dam mirrors dysfunctional governmental and political processes that are keeping the Estabrook Dam in place.

Milwaukee County should end this farce on behalf of all the taxpayers and a river than needs to flow freely to thrive. Science and stewardship have got to trump insider politics and special interests.

Enough is enough.

Trash in the Estabrook Dam impoundment

Trash in the Estabrook Dam impoundment


Bill Sell said...

My beloved supervisor is on the wrong side of this issue.

I believe we can change his mind (and his vote). Write a thoughtful note to Jason Haas; he's wrong on this, but so very good on the many things we care about. Be gentle; I believe he will come along.

Anonymous said...

The people that live in suburban Milwaukee are such slobs! Just look at that picture, and they complain about the citizens of Milwaukee. We all should know who the real slovenly crowd is and it is not in the city.