Friday, June 5, 2015

More major media raising questions about Walker

As we've been saying, people - - media - - are beginning to catch on that Walker, despite his relentless spin to and for the right - - has been bad news for Wisconsin.

How else to explain Wisconsin's 40th place among the states in adding jobs, and dead last when it comes to keeping people in the ranks of middle-class wage earners?

Hence the $64,000 question - - is that what you really want for the country - - its parks, public schools, universities, health insurance, respect for science, women's rights, unfettered voting, etc?

Two more examples today for your reading and your archives:

The New York Times - - on Walker and his hits to the UW system.

Reuters - - on Walker's failed job-creating.

I've also posted several compilations of facts about Walker;s history, policies and goals that are not as well-known nationally as we in Wisconsin - - the lab rates in the Far Right's corporatist social engineering experiment - -  have been forced by events to absorb here.

Here's the most complete of those summaries.

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my5cents said...

Good. I am glad they are catching on. Now if only they could catch on to the fact that he lies to their faces every day. Too many of them believe everything he says is the truth. I guess the rest of us will just have to keep pointing out the lies until they all get it.