Thursday, June 11, 2015

More incompetence in the Walker administration

Remind me again how anything that is happening here is worth replicating, say, nationally?

*  You've got this costly FUBAR with the state's computer systems which the Walker people have not fixed in more than four years.

*  Millions of dollars were overbilled by the state to non-profit women's health care clinics. (Drafting error, no doubt.)

*  Even more millions were written off as uncollectible by the failed jobs agency which Walker created and has served as its only chairman.

*  Debt payments on state borrowings have been skipped. Try that with your mortgage holder.

*  $345 million in federal health funding declined for ideological reasons, adding to the budget problem.

* And speaking of budgets and debt, how about the state's exploding road-building debt - -yet somehow on Walker's watch the state also fell from the middle of the pack to third-worst in road repair rankings. 

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