Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Walker's Canadian 'trade mission' begins Friday

[Updated] 'Hey, Wisconsin legislators: Have fun with that budget. I'm off to an all-expenses-paid, politics-free-(wink-wink) trade mission junket to Canada. Yep, with England, France, Germany, Spain and Israel checked off this year - - Texas, too - - I'm just about a fully-seasoned foreign affairs expert!'

How many US governors travel to other states and countries on trade and PR missions pitching their economic plans and record when their own party has just bounced them from the chairmanship of a new state jobs-development agency of their own creating, but which has a failed and now-legally and fiscally-dubious track record?

Hey - - Walker is taking representatives of that agency - - the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation - - on the trip. Someone should ask them how it's all been going lately?

Privatization Fail: Scott Walker’s WEDC in Full Meltdown

Can you take seriously a Governor talking jobs and growth on whose watch job growth has fallen to 40th among the states? To 50th in business startup activity and dead last also in percentage of residents remaining in the middle class?

Walker will also meet with representatives of a US and Canadian organization that manages the Great Lakes watershed. Walker's record on water management and pollution and disregard for the centuries-old Public Trust Doctrine is horrendous.

Canadian friends: Do your homework.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Walker will learn something from those hosers up there, hey? Bring back some Canadian bacon!

my5cents said...

Something tells me that the only reason he's going to Canada is to talk with the oil company (owned by the Kochs) about the oil sands pipe line they want to run across the middle of the U.S. and nothing more. What exactly is his itinerary.