Thursday, June 11, 2015

Look deeper at Walker's downplayed fundraising expectations

Walker slyly ties Jeb Bush's ties to old money by claiming the ex-Florida Governor is a fund-raising machine - - though since when did Republicans criticize each other for having access to money?

Don't forget that Walker raised huge sums in his gubernatorial campaigns and has access to pockets as deep as those of many of Jeb's donors.

If and when Bush raises more early money than does Walker - - a pretty likely scenario - - Walker can say, 'told you so' about Jeb while feigning surprise that his campaign raised many millions, too.

Both Bush and Walker are raising and spending early money that will never get a public accounting, but, for the record, let's bookmark the claim Walker made on ABC's Sunday morning newsmaker program last weekend and check the comparative statements in six months or a year from now:
He described former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a formidable rival in the Republican primary because he's "going to have more money than just about all of us combined."

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Anonymous said...

Walker has one advantage over bush, he can steal from taxpayers by taking trips to England, Europe, Canada, and across the nation all on the public dime; pretending to be doin' official business for the state while really campaigning for prez. This means that he actually has more money to campaign on.

And how does he get away with it? A compliant media that has done nothing but publish pro-Walker propaganda, creating the nation's first self-admitted "divide and conquer" governor. Oath of office? Nah, that's for shmucks, you know, serving the dirty masses.