Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If WI had courageous, non-partisan business leadership

And I'm not talking about the hide bound, far-right, elitist WMC that serves as a GOP front - - it would take note of Madison's business startup strength, the relationship between the UW Madison and growth in the region, and our plummet to dead-last nationally among the states in startup activity.

Then it would publicly pressure the Legislature to undo the financial and reputational damage Walker's budget is inflicting on the economic engine that is UW system. 


mal said...

Time to consider a mass boycott of restaurants that are members of the GOP-allied Wisconsin Restaurant Association.

Walker and the GOP are targeting virtually every segment of society that is non-GOP, and I think we give unwitting support to this effort by patronizing members of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association.

Anonymous said...

How does one find a list of resturants that are members?

Joe R said...

Just about every restaurant I go to in Madison is a member.

Here is some info on just how skewed the WRA donations are:

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that your local Chamber of Commerce is most likely a member of WMC. So whenever you are trying to shop local and purchase from a Chamber member, a tiny little bit of that goes to WMC. They claim that the local dues do not fund political activity at WMC, but does WMC really do anything else?

Also think of the reforms the Wisconsin Realtors Association has championed.