Wednesday, June 10, 2015

That GOP legislator pushing abolition of independent WI state auditors

[Updated] Hmmm...David Craig, David Craig - - the GOP assemblyman from Waukesha County who wants to get rid of the non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau after the agency found waste, political influence and worse at WEDC, the failing job-creation agency which Scott Walker chairs - - what other issues has this guy been associated with?

*  A war on traffic roundabouts, for one. Also on the front lines: Mary Lazich and Mark Belling. Case closed.

*  Trying to strip judges of their basic power to issue injunctions against stupid, unconstitutional laws when legislators like Craig push them through a one-party legislature, for another.

*  Also, keeping Native American school logos and mascots, for another - - just as Scott Walker wanted.

Yeah, that David Craig is the one promoting the end of the Legislative Audit Bureau.


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my5cents said...

Don't any of those people understand why the state created independent agencies to do audits. Key word being independent. Who hires people for the LAB anyway, the Legislature, the Governor, and independent agency? Who? So, what will be next, defunding our judicial system unless they rule in the Republican's favor like in Kansas. Keep an eye on the extremes happening in other states, because they are all working from the same playbook, ALEC, and what happens in those other states will eventually happen here. It's like watching dominoes fall one by one in slow motion. The slow, ever moving forward, destruction of our governing methods and systems with the Kochs backing those changes 100% for their benefit and the benefit of the 1%.