Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Financing Everyman

Scott Walker is portraying himself as some sort of Everyman candidate in $1 Kohl's discount sweaters while the super rich laud his preposterous run for President.
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker leapt toward the front of the GOP presidential field in recent weeks...winning support by selling himself as an Everyman.
Fitting then, that one of Walker's big donors- - hedge fund magnate Steven Cohen - - has just paid a record auction price for a sculpture representing, who else - - Everyman.
The 6-foot-tall sculpture depicts a reedy man with his right arm outstretched, a signature example of Giacometti’s style of portraying the existential Everyman.
The sculpture cost $141 million.

So far, Everyman Walker has cost Cohen only a million.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't Walker that is portraying himself as "anyman's candidate. He doesn't have the power to do this. It is the media that catapults tho nonsense across the stats and now nation that creates the false images that Scott Walker uses to cover his scorched earth austerity agenda. What walker says is not the problem, how the media uncritically repeats Walker's talking points as "news" is the problem.