Thursday, February 5, 2015

Walker the Fraudster admits to big, bold cover-up

As I said yesterday, there's no way Walker's erasure of the historic public service, truth-seeking  "Wisconsin Idea" from the UW mission statement was the "drafting error" he first claimed, and now after the Journal Sentinel revealed actual drafting documents and corroborating interviews proving Walker was not telling the truth, Mr. Big and Bold himself is admitting the proposed changes were intentional.

This has to be more than "pants on fire."

The rewrite was bad enough - - put into the state budget, no less.

The cover-up is a disqualified for holding the Governorship and any higher office. It's more than a little ironic that what Walker pulled first with the rewrite, then with the lie of denial puts him squarely outside The Wisconsin Idea's core principle of truthful service to the state.

I wrote nearly four years ago that Scott Walker had a moral authority deficit, and he's proven that to be correct, again.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't be too long before he checks himself into rehab (and starts pee testing himself) to treat himself for his sociopathological behavior and his excessive hatred of education at all levels. I want to believe he was dropped on his head at some point as an explanation for what's wrong with him-- there has to be some explanation.

Anonymous said...

So when is Milwaukee Journal Sentinel going to admit to being part of it?

Sue said...

Someone needs to start making the connection between Scott's Big Bold Ideas and his past comments about being guided (told) in every decision by God's will. He either isn't giving the Big Guy credit for ideas he's stealing from Him, or he's gone off the straight and narrow path.
I'm happy to see and read that there is finally some interest in delving just a little deeper into this Scott Walker guy, but seriously, shouldn't people who aren't fundamental Christians be a little concerned about a candidate who bases every decision on what God tells him to do? It's scary enough knowing that the standard military advice for a president comes from the Joint Chiefs, but Scott's God seems remarkably Old Testament and nobody's picking up on that. Yet.

Anonymous said...

I guess it takes a "BIG BOLD LIAR" to have big and bold ideas! I've contended all along that Walker's bald spot results from lying. Instead of his nose growing longer the bald spot gets bigger. In another year he'll be totally bald. Can anyone imagine if John Doe was allowed to run its course the picture of this corrupt bald- faced liar that would have emerged? If Doe gets formally shut down someone's got to leak some of the evil Walker has been associated with!

Anonymous said...

Has he actually admitted he did it? I thought he got somebody at DOA or another agency to fall on the sword. The media has to stay all over this and not let him wiggle off the hook. The odor surrounding this one goes beyond an intern screwing up! Scotty stepped in his own pile this time and now he's trying to get the crap off of his shoes!

Anonymous said...

Indeed not merely "pants on fire" but an eternity of entirely on fire in the bowls of Hell!