Thursday, February 19, 2015

Walker's Big Deception at "Club 21" speech

Walker apparently spoke for 90 minutes at the "Club 21" dinner where his show-case was upstaged by Rudy Giuliani's attack on President Barack Obama's patriotism.

The best response to Giuliani's birther-esque throwback personal attack to Obama The Other/The Outsider is this New York Post take down.

But back to Walker. Read this account of his talk as posted by and note the scorching Pants on Fire fib he tells, re-writing history, while dreaming aloud if hitting the ground running as President Walker, January 2017. I've underlined it so you won't miss it:

What we learned four years ago is you have to do it early. That in Washington the closer you get to the next election, the more difficult it is, because everyone in the Congress says it’s too close to the next election. So you’ve got to do it early. And you’ve got to act and you have a bold plan, you got to lay it out in the campaign and then you’ve got to do it.
Walker made a name for himself on the bill and law known as Act that stripped away near all Wisconsin public employee bargaining procedures. Take home pay was slashed. Unions were weakened and the state was split and remains seriously polarized

But Walker did not "lay it out in the campaign."

He withheld it, strategically, until after his inauguration, and then, as he told the fake David Koch caller, "dropped the bomb."

Everyone in Wisconsin politics knows the timeline.

He was caught on video tape confiding his strategy to his biggest donor before the election, though the video did not surface until the election was over.

Walker tried to deny it and was called out for false speaking by PolitiFact.

And, as blog readers are pointing out, he did the same thing after the recent campaign by springing his huge cuts to the UW system and the DNR's science and public participation mission.

Note also that Walker did not run in his last campaign on 'right-to-work' legislation now speeding his way in the State Capitol he completely controls, instead playing in 2014 a little game of 'it's not my priority' whole never saying if he'd sign it -- which, of course, he will.

Too bad there was no one at Walker's talk to shout out, "you lie!"


Anonymous said...

He did the same thing with the U W cuts. Oct.17 he said we had a $535 million surplus and this would allow investments in our priorities.....quality schools, our U W system. The man is a bold face liar time and time again. Can't wait for the national media to confront him with many of his "pants on fire."

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Lay it out in the campaign? Really? Did Walker run on cutting $300 million from the UW System, cutting money from Senior Care, cutting public schools by another $150 a student, and borrowing $1.3 billion from roads? And likely still having a deficit?

That's news to a lot of us. The scary part about this guy isn't just the lies, it's that he does it so easily (albeit not well)

my5cents said...

Don't forget also how he is not paying Wisconsin loans and kicking that can down the road costing us tax payers much more in the future in interest. If you ran a business that way you would soon be out of business. He is not a good steward of our state.