Thursday, February 26, 2015

Other Walker experiences provided key Presidential training

OK, we know that Walker's against-all-odds survival against protests by various teachers, nurses and other public employees has set him up to fight the ISIS beheaders, but what other lines from his resume would help him be a successful President?

*  Hiring internet savants to run a secret, partisan fundraising and politicking email network just down the hall from his Milwaukee County courthouse office will help him find good candidates to serve on the Federal Communications Commission. Not to mention candidates for the CIA, NSA,  FBI, Nixon Plumbers' reunions...

*  His direction to staff about keeping quiet a lawsuit on behalf of a woman who starved to death on his watch in a Milwaukee County mental health ward should help inform his decisions on appointments at the Department of Justice, Health and Social Services and the Federal courts, too. Good judgement and solid priorities are a chief executive must-have.

*  Vetoing the Wisconsin fast Amtrak train between Milwaukee and Madison, giving the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources the go-ahead to sell 10,000 acres and suspending all state public land acquisition until 2028 will inform his plans to sell Amtrak and lease or sell US National Parks and Forest lands.

*  Mandating transvaginal ultrasound procedures not recommended by physicians for women seeking legal abortion services will help him pick like-minded US Supreme Court justices who also are "fine" with government-sanctioned sexually-invasive 'medicine.'

*  Oh - - just remembered that the whole protesters-ISIS conflation will also help him pick a White House physician. Think big: Go for a psychiatrist.

I'm sure I missed a few. Suggestions welcome.


Unknown said...

Scotty reminds me of this classic scene from Animal House .... He really has no idea when it's time to shut up, and follows one idiotic remark with another..... "so forget it he's on a roll"

Anonymous said...

Walker says he "took on" 100,000 protesters - not so. Like Right To Work (for less), Walker pushed through legislation because he could do so easily: his party held a majority in the legislature.

Walker's signature "Act 10" excluded some public employees, and some of his biggest backers: police, highway patrol and firefighters. If Walker had extended Act 10 across the board to ALL public workers, and then "faced down" the police and firefighters, THAT would have taken guts.

But he didn't do that, did he?

Anonymous said...

He learned about mock government at Badger Boys' State and never looked back.

Alois said...

A dictator requires a loyal police apparatus. Scooter learned this from his Cliff Notes version of Machiavelli's "The Prince," loaned to him by either Paul Ryan or the Koch bros. This has been his governing template all along.