Saturday, February 28, 2015

For the record, some GTac mine backers did OK

As we enjoy the apparent withdrawal of GTac from the Penokees to which they came to destroy, let's not forget that a couple of the major enablers of the massive mine plan or the sweetheart one-company bill shoved through the Legislature at the company's behest have come out the fiasco ahead of where they were at the beginning:

*  Former state Rep. Jeff Stone, (R-Greendale). He's the suburban Milwaukee legislator who made said Ojibwa tribal representatives did not have a seat at the table - - his words, watch the video - - when the putrid bill was up for Legislative consideration by Stone and his fellow committee members.

Where's Stone today? Walker gave him a $94,000-a-year senior administrator's job at the Public Service Commission last year that was initially ticketed for another GOP legislator, Scott Suder,  who'd gotten caught up in a DNR/grant scandal.

And the Wisconsin Paper Council picked Suder up. All's well that ends well.

*  Former GTac lobbyist Bob Seitz. Walker just appointed Seitz also to a senior position at the PSC, which is apparently what backers of failed mining projects also call Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Rowen - Could not locate an email for you so reaching you this way. This video clip...

...needs much wider circulation. At CPAC a kittle boy asks Walker twice for his beliefs about climate change. He completely ducks both questions -- it is absolute classic Walker-ese. People really need to see this to help them understand what a weasel this guy really is.

Ted Rulseh
Harshaw, WI