Wednesday, February 18, 2015

206,000 Wisconsinites worked around 'Walker-I'don't-care'

Walker attacked it, refused to set up a website tailored to match state citizens with available plans, and still calls for its repeal, but 206,000 state citizens managed to work around the obstacles Walker put in front of them with the negative power of the state and will receive life-saving and affirming health insurance under Obamacare.

Which in Wisconsin, is 'Walker I don't care.' Except about himself, with his state-subsidized cadillac health insurance plan, and more than 20 years of such publicly-provided coverages.

Bravo to these citizens who were not cowed, boo to the cold-hearted man of self-professed faith who puts his own career ambition ahead of the life-spans and daily well-being of so many everyday citizens, including, of late, low-income seniors by the tens of thousands.

Where are media to assess and document comprehensively Walker's destructive and phony social and fiscal charade?

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