Friday, February 27, 2015

Walker press aide said protesters were peacefully exercising rights

They don't sound much like ISIS fighters, right Cullen Werwie?, as the Walker media aide described the protesters and Walker's view of them to CBS News during the protests in these words:
"Governor Walker has said time and again that the protesters have every right to have their voice heard, and for the most part the protests have been peaceful. We are hopeful that the tradition will continue," said Werwie.
Werwie, who'd served as media spokesman during Walker's 2010 run for Governor - - was also an immunized witness in the prosecutorial probe known as John Doe I that produced six convictions of Walker aides, associates and donors - -  has since been promoted to the Wisconsin Department of Administration. 

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Anonymous said...

The why the F#%& did he have the palace guard arrest them!?!?!?!?!?!

And why does he still have the palace guard arresting them, taking them to a distant holding station, and then releasing them hours later in a snowstorm with sub-freezing weather WITHOUT A COAT!