Saturday, February 28, 2015

Video shows Walker gifting little boy with talking points

Add another keeper to the Walker tape and video archive we've been collecting:

After finishing up his ISIS=peaceful protesters CPAC speech, a little kid asked Walker about climate change.

Fret not, little guy: Walker - - like a robot - - fires off his talking points, including suggesting the little fella clean up his camp site the way Walker says he always did.


Anonymous said...

Sure he cleaned up his campsite.

Then he has spent the rest of it since then. Burning down everyone else "campsite" Or crapping on their their personal lives.

Anonymous said...

WOW..........hang on to that!!!! His answer to climate change is to cleanup camp sites. When asks if he cares about climate change he tells the little boy he wants to preserve the natural resources like he did in Wisconsin. He is out witted by a little kid and can't remember that he's sold our resources to the highest bidder to exploit at will. That video is worth its weight in gold. Lets keep Walker talking especially on tape!!!