Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In Wisconsin, you don't need to know squat

Expertise. Science. Credentials?

It all seems so yesterday, Bucky, back when The Wisconsin Idea was more than "Feed the ball to Kaminsky."

In Fitzwalkerstan, or Stupidica, The Eden of Freedom or whichever new name you substitute for "Wisconsin" these days, you probably are fine with hiring a roofer to treat that outbreak of shingles, or paying the person who roasts the beans at the coffee shop to file your taxes.

We've got Senator Ron Johnson appointed to run a key committee overseeing the Department of Homeland Security that his party will not fund.

Johnson also believes that sunspot activity - - not fossil-fuel burning - - is the culprit in climate change, and, hey!, a scientist in the secret pay of fossil-fuel interests believes it, too.

We've also got a Governor and legislative majority in Wisconsin who decided that women seeking legal abortion services must have an invasive medical probe that actual doctors did not recommend.

If politicians can prescribe transvaginal ultrasounds, why not have them get rid of the rules that right now unfairly prohibit anyone with a garden hose and a cellphone camera from performing colonoscopies.

Walker and his legislative allies also want to let people become teachers without any teacher training - - sort of like letting people work as food inspectors because they've shopped at the supermarket or allowing that nice young man down the street to run a CT machine because he feeds your cats when you go out of town.

And about serving as US President without a college degree?

I'm not saying it's a requirement, though sticking with the rigors of classroom work would indicate a certain useful focus and commitment to goals.

It also would broaden one's horizons, which as we've seen lately, might have helped a certain career politician understand that evolution is not a theory,  and that you don't want to self-identify as a punter to a room full of Brits.

But a requirement for managing the world's leading economy, most powerful military and, face it, the well-being of billions and billions of people?. Let's just wing it, see what happens, and wish everyone Molotov.


Anonymous said...

On the PBS News Hour, Mark Shields said that "Walker's foreign policy is beat Ohio State."

Anonymous said...

I Punt With Walker.