Thursday, February 26, 2015

Walker challenged for "Stupidest Speech" Title in DC today

Hard to pick the winner. Let's look at the tapes:

Was it GOP/Tea Party presidential wannabe Walker comparing Wisconsin citizen labor rights protesters to ISIS fighters and saying he was the man to crush them all?

Or was it US GOP/Tea Party Senator and climate change denier Jim Inhofe 'proving' the planet was not warming by bringing a snowball onto the Senate floor and tossing it to the presiding officer?

Call me a homer, but I'd give the title to Walker.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

When are people going to wake up and see Scott Walker for the man he really is (and isn't)?

It's a sad commentary on our society that a man like him, who breaks the law, lies to and denigrates his constituents, and puts himself first above the people he was sworn to serve, is being elevated the way he is.

Anonymous said...

Really? Taxpaying, voting, law abiding Wisconsin citizens may be profiled this weekend at Madison for training tapes against ISIS terror threats? Are unions now considered by Walker to be a caliphate?

Do anyone know if wearing a hardhat and a carhart face mask is allowed at the protest tomorrow? (Even though someone might think it's comparable a hijab.)I won't wear black and I don't own a sword.

Anonymous said...

The more opportunities he's given to speak the more he makes a fool of himself. Remember these are not ordinary Americans that are raising his banner these are the extreme right wing fanatics of the conservative branch of the Republican party. These are the Glen Grothmans who paint everything in there world black and want to return to the 19th century. THESE RUNUPS [Iowa, New Hampshire AND South Carolina] TEND TO EAT THEIR OWN. Walker will show himself to be a buffoon surrounded and supported by other buffoons. It is good that he is running around the country selling his brand, because quite frankly he will continue to make a fool of himself each time he goes off talking points and his true character is shown. So far at each stop a clarifying statement comes out almost immediately trying to cover up his gaffs!

my5cents said...

When you are a puppet for other people you lose any sense of yourself. When you have to script everything in your life and everything you say, you are not a real person. He might as well be Pinocchio. Just another puppet on a string telling lies over and over.