Saturday, February 28, 2015

Moroney, ex-DNR #2, now Senior Adviser to Walker

The Governor's office quietly moved Deputy DNR Secretary Matt Moroney - - via a Friday evening news release - - to a new position of senior adviser in the Governor's office.

Pretty much as I'd suggested in earlier posts.
...he is headed either to Walker's campaign, or to the Governor's office as Chief of Staff or filling a new, administrative/policy/campaign committee liaison position.
Walker is positioning a strong conservative policy adviser and experienced administrator at his side while multi-tasking as Governor and presidential candidate.

Moroney will be the functioning 'Deputy' Governor in a way that Rebecca Kleefisch cannot, much as was DOA Secretary Jim Klauser to Governor Tommy Thompson.

Matt Moroney
Matt Moroney
Use the blog index at the upper left corner for posts about Moroney over the years on the just-killed iron mining plan's sweetheart bill, plus work on wetlands, weakened DNR enforcement and a failed effort to stymie on developers' behalf the Great Lakes Compact, among others.

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Anonymous said...

James this is a bit off subject but it shows the backward thinking of Walker and friends. I e-mailed Sen.Nass to alert him that Scott Manley of WMC had lied in his testimony before the RTW hearing when he claimed that employers paid 95% of training. I pointed out that the union workers had money deducted from their pay checks but had the employer hold it to be directed at a later date to a specific training center.. Nass responded that this interpretation was wrong that the fact was the employer pays for training as a part of the compensation paid on behalf of employees. It is indeed enlightening to learn that when I pay my taxes it is not really me paying them it is my employer as part of my wages! Nass concluded that Scott Manley's testimony was accurate and not a lie. These Walker lap dogs turn lies into truth in their perverted minds.