Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DNR promoting citizen, board roles Walker budgets to delete

The DNR through its current online weekly newsletter is touting the very kind public-interest policy-making role by the Natural Resources Board that Scott Walker's budget attacks and eliminates:
State Natural Resources Board to consider deer rules, population objectives at February 25 meeting
MADISON -- Proposed rules related to deer management, hunting, and implementation of the 2012 White-tailed Deer Trustee's Report and white-tailed deer population objectives for Wisconsin deer management units are among the issues the state Natural Resources Board will take up at its February 25 meeting in Madison.
The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 25, in Room G09, State Natural Resources Building (GEF 2), 101 South Webster St., Madison.  
The board will also consider:
  • proposed revisions to administrative rules intended to provide consistency and standardization of eligibility and reimbursement standards for the state, counties, and municipalities for their assistance with Department of Natural Resources law enforcement programs, such as all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile and boating.
  • a request for the state parks program to undertake a master plan amendment process at Rib Mountain State Park for the purpose of expanding the Granite Peak Ski Area; 
  • a request for public hearings for emergency and permanent rules related to the DNRs environmental analysis and review program;
  • making adjustments to laboratory certification and registration program fees. 
Oh - - and the board will hear an update on Walker's budget that calls for the Board's diminution to a purely advisory status so his chamber-of-commerce team can more easily implement Walker's openly anti-conservation agenda:
The board will also hear updates on the history of the Natural Resources Board and the proposed 2015-17 DNR budget.
The complete February board agenda is available by searching the DNR website, dnr.wi.gov for keyword "NRB" and clicking on the button for "view agendas." 
The public may testify at board meetings on topics open for public comment (listed on the agenda) and during the citizen participation period. The deadline to register to speak at the board meeting or to submit comments is 11 a.m. on Friday, February 20, 2015. The public may also submit written comments about issues that come before the board. For more information see the board public participation page of the DNR website.

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