Saturday, February 28, 2015

Please, empty-headed Scott Walker, just keep talking

The same presidential poseur who thinks ISIS and Putin will be cowed by how he 'handled' peaceful union protesters his own press aide had praised as peaceful and legitimate now wants you to believe that Ronald Reagan's firing of the nation's air traffic controllers was the most important foreign policy move in Walker's lifetime - - thus back to 1967.

It's so clear that Walker lives inside a little, talk-radio ideological echo chamber, where Reagan is give God-like status while his tax increases and legendary bi-partisan moderation are never acknowledged.

Walker has been inserting himself into a distortion of Reagan's legacy for years, as he'd let on during the infamous phone call he had with the fake David Koch (transcript), but only an uneducated narcissist treading intellectual water would put Reagan's union-busting ahead in foreign policy importance to, say, George W. Bush's catastrophic invasion of Iraq 12 years ago that now has spun off the very ISIS fighters whose defeat Walker is fantasizing.

Or, Richard Nixon's detente with China, the entire subsequent explosion of global trade and export of manufacturing which continue to undermine Walker's failed job-creating solutions.

Some pretty astonishing knowledge and awareness gaps there. 


Milwaukeean said...

Well, at Marquette, it's pretty astonishing to have a C average.

nonheroicvet said...

Scott Walker is a sober Joe McCarthy.

Anonymous said...

Walker ain't sober - did you hear his slurred words when he tried to walk back his protesters equal Isis comments?

For more, google: Scott walker dead eyes. He's all doped up or something.

Anonymous said...

The best way to let the uninformed and the public see the real Scott Walker is to let him talk. The more he talks the more lies and falsehoods come from his lips and the more he digs himself a hole. I hope most have noticed that after each speech his handlers have to put out written statements clarifying what Walker meant and spinning his lies and fabrications so that they are not so blatantly false!

Anonymous said...

How can anybody seriously believe that Reagans firing of the air traffic controllers so frightened the Russians and the rest of the world that this is the most important foreign policy decision in Scott Walker's lifetime? This kind of thinking is not only stupid is absurd logic. Come on America we're stuck with this fool in WISCONSIN and he's destroying us and our state. Don't let him get his political dirty trick hands and corruption on our NATION.