Thursday, February 19, 2015

Walker's legislative toadies adopt 'I know you are, but what am I' defense

Tuck this away in your "they really said that" file:

The GOP chairs of the Legislature's budget writing committee accused UW Madison chancellor of Rebecca Blank of "divisive politics" in organizing a response - - "playing politics" - - against Walker's $300 million/layoff-producing/campus vs. campus/program-cancelling budget cut.

And called it a "Washington politics."

And launched a personal attack on Chancellor Blank, accusing her of being too much like a former Chancellor the legislators didn't like, and worse, for having formerly worked for President Obama.

As if Walker was not using the budget cut to showcase his right-wing politics to the country, and to demagogue faculty commitment to the classroom.

The legislators' reaction has all the tell-tale talking point signs of political consultants' sloganeering and framing.


Bryan Kimble said...

Do you live in the same Wisconsin that I do?

Your posts are always so opposite from what gets published in my local newspaper, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. If even half of what you posted on this blog was based in fact, then why would the state's largest newspaper continue to endorse Scott Walker and his policies?

Do you live in some kind of upside-down-world version of Wisconsin?

I am told you have friends that work at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Don't they ever set you straight?

The reporters and columnists there write overwhelmingly positive things about our Governor. Why do you continue to post the exact opposite?

And if what you are posting is factual (which I doubt since virtually nothing here is covered by the state's dominant media), why don't you talk to your friends at the largest newspaper and set the record straight?

If what you post here is true, someone is posting a lot of false stuff elsewhere. If you are right and they are wrong, why don't you call them out.

Given how divergent your reports are from the rest of the media, it is reasonable to doubt the accuracy of what gets posted here.

my5cents said...

Bryan Kimble
The real problem with the Milw. Journal Sentinel is that they are not publishting the whole story. Only by reading this blog do you get both sides of the story, and thus the whole story. Everything the JS publishes is not gospel or 100%. Just like the TV news doesn't tell you the whole story at one time, neither to they. Did you watch the last interview Walker had with the JS editorial board. When they ask him one question multiple times and consistently get the same non-answer, don't you have to wonder why he cannot give a single straight-forward answer?