Thursday, February 26, 2015

Walker as Reagan 2.0

Up until today, I'd thought Walker's fixation on Ronald Reagan was exaggerated Presidential hero worship by an awkward youngster and campus Republican who never grew up.

But after Walker turned himself into Rambo stalking ISIS, I had a vision of junior Walker in front of the family black-and-white TV in the 70's watching reruns of "Death Valley Days" - -  hosted by Ronald Reagan. And Reagan appeared in two episodes. I think this is the character Walker wants to play.
Death Valley 02


Anonymous said...

This guy lives in a fantasy world of his own making. I sincerely believe he sees an enemy lurking around every corner. Somehow he paints himself the hero who has come to save mankind. Although he worships Reagan he has much more Nixon to his character. Considering all of his dirty tricks and his blame for any misdeeds on to others; John Dean may have been correct when he said Walker reminded him of Nixon and he warned us to be leery of him! Paranoia seems to characterize this little man as he constantly sees people as out to get him.

Anonymous said...

anon: 6:53

You may be right about the fantasy world and, if so, you are also bringing up an interesting point:


So how did he get there? The propaganda shills in the media have supported him every step on the way and they will continue to prop him up.

The media created Wisconsin's ugly divisive political environment and then fraudulently pushed this goon into office, at higher-and-higher levels, through the power of propaganda.

And while not as racist, mean, and in-your-face as WTMJ-AM, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lead the charge.

Anonymous said...

He wants to be Reagan...thinks he's God....but is really Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Governor Walker, you are no Ronald Reagan.

MadCityVoter said...

I'm thinking the same thing, Anon 10:58a, right down to the claims that "millions of Americans" are behind him and against his enemies (remember the Silent Majority?), the paranoid complaints that the media is out to get him (ha! like Reagan, the master of the media, would have ever said such an artless thing!), and "let me be perfectly clear," which Walker actually said while walking back (oops, sorry, clarifying) his original dumb comment.

The difference is that Nixon, for all his character flaws, actually was intelligent, well educated, articulate and knew how to think. He was also a heck of a lot more courageous than "Tunnel" Scotty in his wildest delusional whisperings from God could ever hope to be.

Anonymous said...

I preferred Reagan as host of "General Electric Theater," which once had an episode on Milwaukee's Gertie the duck. This can somehow give Walker seven degrees of separation from Reagan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks...I'll never watch Death Valley Days again.