Monday, February 16, 2015

Heard on the street: Walker to 'fix' WEDC mess

Walker is said to be about to move into his office/into a new position a trusted agency deputy to oversee an overhaul of the troubled, Walker-created-and-chaired WEDC - - now getting national attention for its failed jobs' agenda and internal chaos - - and its merger with WHEDA.

Also back and rumored, with a twist - - this earlier item about a top corporate and advocacy lobbyist in line for a senior Walker appointment, but perhaps at an agency like the PSC and not the DNR.


Anonymous said...

Bob Seitz (Gogebic Lobbyist) just appointed to PSC as Nowaks top aide.
You heard right.

Anonymous said...

Between this and the former head of MG&E going to the PSC the foxes have now taken up residence in the hen house and us hens are now outside looking in with no hope of a future in terms of affordable energy!