Saturday, February 28, 2015

WI Capitol cops play cold-weather rendition

Taking people into custody at the Wisconsin State Capitol, driving them to a remote Madison site, then not charging them while leaving them literally in the cold on their own has got to be against the law in 2015.

Earlier arrests of peaceful protestors at the Capitol have been dismissed, the Walker administration policy which led to the arrests has been declared unconstitutional and tens of thousands of dollars in civil damages have been paid by the state to those illegally ticketed and detained.


MAL said...

The basis for a Federal civil action as well.

As these disgusting incidents occur, victims ought write down and document times, dates, officers' names and locations.

Anonymous said...

It's even worse than you report. One man was releases into the snowstorm WITHOUT A COAT!

That must be a crime - he was a long way from his friends at capito and from home - may not have even had a way to call for help