Friday, February 20, 2015

Walker's shamelessly staged 'objections' to 'right-to-work' law

[Updated 11:12 a.m.] - - Walker says he'll sign it. Oh, surprise. And now Robin Vos weighs in supporting the Senate bill. What a farce.
Walker objects to 'right-to-work' legislation?  It's a "distraction" for him? Really?

Stop insulting us. 
Madison — Republican leaders are fast-tracking so-called right-to-work legislation with a special session, ignoring objections from Gov. Scott Walker and giving the clearest sign yet of how his influence has weakened in Wisconsin as he pursues the presidency outside the state.
The Legislature is doing his bidding.He controls the Capitol and his party. He told his biggest donor four years ago he had a plan to it. It's step two of a two-step plan and he's being two-faced about it now.

Walker objects to 'right-to-work' the way Putin objects to 'rebel' incursions into Ukraine.

First came Act 10. Private unions, later. "Divide-And-Conquer." His words. Watch the video.

Will he sign the bill. Of course. Eagerly. It's his final, middle-finger payoff to corporate donors and payback to public-sector unions and their allies on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors or who marched around the Capitol and recalled him in 2012.

And, should he choose - - depending on the audience - - he can lapse into a softer excuse - that he had to sign the bill and put all this distraction to rest because 'it was the will of the Legislature.'

Yes, mercy. What's a Governor to dp? They send me these papers to sign...I guess I must...

Let's get real: First there was Act 10, his dropped bomb. Then - - this year's version - - a fresh, further hit to public employee faculty and staff at the UW. 

Now right-to-work, depressing private-sector blue-collar wages.

The right-wing trifecta.

And in the wings, repeal of the prevailing wage law, so wages paid to worker on state roads and buildings are further controlled suppressed, too.

Also - - cue the torrent of buzzwords, Sycophantic talk shows and conservative op-eds sprouting across the media about streamlined legislation. Competition with other backward states. Flexibility for employers. Options for workers. 


Anonymous said...

Walker and Company were reading from the same script all along. Perhaps Diane Hendricks wrote it!

Anonymous said...

This is such a bad script. If this was a movie with these clowns in the lead roles it would have an audience of 3.....Walker, Vos and Fitz. I wonder if they'll include the 17% pay increase in this bill for the State Patrol?

Bill Kurtz said...

How's your support of Walker working for you now, Operating Engineers Local 139?

Anonymous said...

anon: 12:51

Wasn't just walker's cronies and financial backers that read the script. It was the state's media, lead by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel!

Nu Mil 3 Design said...

Scott Walker is a fanatic and an extremist, owned by big money and a die-hard practitioner of the Reaganism/Hooverism that has economically decimated the American middle class over the last 35 yrs.

Having to face a recall election in Wisconsin was the best thing that ever happened to Walker politically. To survive politically in the state, Walker substantially toned down his rhetoric and somewhat toned down his policies, which in effect: 1.) masked the nature of his personality and his beliefs & values, and 2.) somewhat insulated him, at least temporarily, from being compared to the other kooks, crazies and clowns in the GOP.

There's no limit to the anti-worker and anti-people mentality and policy viewpoints of Walker.