Saturday, February 21, 2015

Walker doesn't know much, except he's being picked on

Poor Walker. Got himself a case of the front-runner blues, on top of a bad case of Potomac fever, left to sing "Don't know much about history..." to reporters beginning to grasp how scripted on one note our Governor truly is.

Seems he doesn't think it's fair for mainstream media to ask tougher questions than he's used to getting on right-wing talk radio.


So he blistered a Washington Post reporter for asking whether Rudy Giuliani was right to attack Barack Obama. Walker also said he doesn't know if Barack Obama is a Christian because he hasn't read or heard Obama say he's a Christian.

He must read fewer newspapers than did Sarah Palin.

Then Walker said the mean reporters are why people hate Washington. That much he knows.

Good strategy - - perhaps for Tea Partiers' ears - - but for the media whom he hopes will carry his message? Not so smart, which is why he had a flak run back to the Post and try to smooth the whole thing over.

Like other stages of the national media learning curve, reporters will discover that,Walker could copyright "don't know."

It's been his fall-back excuse when the going gets tough - - regardless of how preposterous the circumstances - - as far back as not knowing anything about his 1988 student campaign supporters breaking campus rules, to the John Doe probe, to where California is - - all those examples, here...

To not knowing whether Wisconsin voters opposed same-sex marriage or if his last-ditch pitch to the US Supreme Court to ban it would succeed...

To not knowing if he'd signed a recall petition against Herb Kohl, or if he'd promised his biggest donor he'd support right-to work legislation (caught on video and audio tape), or what was in a potentially-damaging report on a County mental health facility his administration decided to withhold - - all those examples, here, and so forth. 


Sue said...

Walker is (I hope) about to find out that not every media entity does its job by printing word for word whatever his spokesperson says, and nothing else.
And about damn time, too.

Anonymous said...

How stupid is the Wisconsin media that bolster him up going to look when he folds under national scrutiny.

They have allowed him to savage this state because they failed to expose him and his legislative thugs.

my5cents said...

If Walker thinks the national media is being rough on him now, just wait, the best is yet to come. One Wisconsin Now is primed and ready to let him have it with both barrels of quotes and stories over Walker's lifetime. Cant' wait to see how he handles all that blow back.

Anonymous said...

Sue, not sure you are paying attention. The media promoted george WALKER bush shamelessly and even, across the board, carried lies about weapons of mass destruction.

The endless wars this started have destroyed our fiscal integrity and contributed to a global economic collapse by 2008.

The media has not done any tough stories on walker to-date nor is it likely they will.

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is that he makes a statement and about 30 minutes later his office makes a statement trying to clarify what Walker meant by what he said! How on earth can this man be considered for the Presidency....he is not intelligent ,obviously not well read, handled by political masters, and despicable whenever the truth is involved

Anonymous said...

anon 9:44

This is exactly what the political/economic elite & multinational corporations want.

Nothing serves there purpose more than someone that will sign their bills and be a distraction from who's behind promoting & benefiting from the legislation.

The national media has not not asked any hard questions and will not. It just so happens that walker bumbles the softballs too.

But this is not a glitch. It's a feature.

Just read the comments on this thread and across other blogs. People get hung up on how smart he is and other personal character defects.

There isn't, for example, one comment here that has anything to do with the agenda walker will stand for.

And while our dysfunctional media needs to be part of the dialog, many are proclaiming the national media will properly vet and fact check walker.

Obviously not true if you watched the train wreck that was the george w. bush reign-of-terror.

And remember, W stand for WALKER! They are cousins and the patriarch of the family is NOT prescott bush (who married into the walker family).

The walker clan has supported right-wing fascism for more than 150 years!

At the turn of the century, it was "Bert" Herbert Walker (hence the HG in prez bush I's name).

And prior to that, it was David David Walker, a Civil War profiteer.