Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WI suckers pay Walker $12,000/month for higher-power quest

This evolution-related talk about noting related to Wisconsin is all on our nickel, Bucky:
NASHVILLE, TN (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker was the guest speaker at the opening session of the annual gathering of the National Religious Broadcasters on Monday.
He told a Christian Media Convention in Tennessee that he has not yet decided whether to run for president.  He told the crowd that he's waiting on a sign from a higher power. 


Unknown said...

More than likely waiting to be able to take all that PAC money before he officially enters the race. Once a grifter, always a grifter.

Sue said...

'waiting on a sign from a higher power'
Charles or David?

Anonymous said...

I hope a bald eagle flies over Scott Walker and shits on his head. On camera.

I'm sure that's exactly the message from above that he needs so that he can remain humble.