Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How did Walker negotiate secret 17% pay hike for Troopers union

The divide-and-conquer favoritism shown to unions friendly to Walker is bad enough - - troopers keeping the roads safe get 17% increase, but nurses keeping kids and seniors free of flu and measles are locked into 1% maximum raises by Act 10 (and take-home pay cuts through benefit requirements not borne by all troopers) - - but how did Walker manage to negotiate the high raise with the troopers in secret and keep it quiet until after the November election?

No one in Madison, or in statewide union circles, got wind of this? No state employee in and around the Capitol knew? Is the place that buttoned up? Is the fear factor that widespread?

And what other deals have been done in this fashion?


ohbrad said...

Transparency with the clarity of Alberta Tar Sand exudate.

Anonymous said...

Looks like if you cross the king's hand with pieces of silver and you protect his parents 24-7 ...............the king's got your back and you shall be rewarded handsomely

Anonymous said...

Did I get this story right?

In October, Walker campaigned around the state telling the taxpayer "have nots" that he was against the the public employee union "haves".

But at the same time his administration was negotiating increased benefits for pubic employee union "haves"?