Saturday, February 28, 2015

In CPAC poll, almost 80% wanted someone not Walker

After all his sleeves-rolled-up stage-craft and ill-fitting macho-man rhetoric, Walker couldn't out poll libertarian darling Rand Paul, as nearly 80% of those polled at CPAC said they were more in love with another righty darling.

Look for Walker to spin this rejection as a victory.


Anonymous said...

You analysis is misleading. It would be much better and more statistically correct to say:


Dude, rand and walker are leaving everyone else behind -- eliminate the low-runners and those votes go somewhere else.

But you know that -- this type of post doesn't help the integrity of the other more useful and accurate things here.

Sue said...

Oh, you got my hopes up.

Operation Payback GOP said...

So, the race is tight between two corporate-statists: Ron Paul, with his Legion of Bro's, the misogynistic young white males itching to give the beat-down to black folks, women, and the 92 million people not in the workforce.

Then, there's the Doofus-Fascist Scooter, with his Million Man March of aging white males itching to also give the beat-down to black folks, women, and the 92 million people not in the workforce.

Who will become the new Corporate-Statist Autocrat of America? Only the "Libertarians" know the answer fo sho...

Anonymous said...

He'll spin this as proof of muslim infiltration of CPAC!

my5cents said...

It has already been spun as a win. On one of the late night local news channels last night they said he came in a close second. Twenty percent to 80% is close? Really? He might have come in second, but it was certainly not close. A 50% to 48% vote would have been a close second. Wow!!! What an ego! It's like listening to or reading fairly tales every day where Walker is concerned. The real problem is all the people who fall head over heels for his lies and hypocrisy.