Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On anti-labor bill, GOP-run Senate cuts mic, votes, bolts

Republicans running Wisconsin continue to run it into the ground, this time ramming through a vote in committee approving the counter-productive and unnecessary ALEC-drafted, WMC-lobbied 'right-to-work' bill before everyone registered got to speak.

Remember, this is the bill which is being fast-tracked to suit Scott Walker's campaign timetable. The bill which Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald pledged was not being rushed through.

All of which meant, 'the bill will be rushed through,' which is what happened at a committee vote tonight.

Another nail in the coffin to Wisconsin's reputation, and to democracy.


Anonymous said...

Wisconsin, under Walker's GOP, is not a functioning democracy. Show hearings. Can show trials be far behind? No one should be surprised. As Torinus said, governing by ambush. I worked in the Assembly for 24 years, starting in the 1980's. Sad to see how our legislative process, our democracy, has been compromised, thwarted and abused by conservative thugs. Authoritarian. Sad.

Anonymous said...

More shameless propaganda from MJS this morning:

More Scott Walker 2016: "Gotcha" questions, Jeb Bush and "radical Islamic terrorists"

Per the state's largest newspaper, anything that Scott Walker is asked that he deems not helpful to his presidential aspirations is a "gotcha" questions.

We cannot see change in Wisconsin until we start calling-out and taking back media outlets that no longer serve to inform.

It is clear, if one looks at their constant promotion of Scott Walker, that MJS is a disinformation tool and leads Wisconsin's right-wing media echo chamber.

my5cents said...

It seems that every time they get tired of listening to the people they make up some reason to shut hearings down and bolt. Last night's reason of a threat which was unfounded was the latest excuse to shut down the peoples' voice. They should be ashamed. They only held the hearings because they wanted to be able to say that they did. No other reason. They do not care what the people have to say. This is not government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Anonymous said...

They say this will bring jobs and jump start the Wisconsin economy. Before the election there was no mention of the need for a jump start and we were told 70,000 good paying jobs were out there somewhere. What we weren't told and still are not being told is that 35,000 middle and high wage jobs disappeared between 2010-2013 We weren't told that all those welding jobs saw their wage drop by 6.5% and even manufacturing job CNC operators saw their pay go south by4.7% The jobs created under WALKER AND HIS REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE WERE MOSTLY IN THE UNDER $10 PER HOUR RANGE WITH SOME IN THE $10-$12.50 RANGE. The RTW supporters must outline for us exactly how this will bring living wage family supporting jobs when so far their economic policies have failed in this area!