Thursday, February 26, 2015

Walker's European spring break tour

All you need to govern in Wisconsin is a cell phone, a Kleefisch, a generous travel allowance exempt from budget cuts and taxpayers willing to give you unlimited time off.

His predicted one-liners about selling Wisconsin beer to German brewmeisters, and Wisconsin dairy supremacy to French and Spanish cheese makers will write themselves.

No doubt the trade unions there are eagerly waiting to hear all about Walker's respect for unionization.



Anonymous said...

I would say it's time to cut the governors pay down to the amount of time he is actually in his office in the Capitol. His time out of his office is simply campaigning one way or another and that's not what he said he would do if re-elected! Any travel can be on his dime as it does Wisconsin no good!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the Milwaukee pro Walker Journal Sentinel to report how much his excellent adventure to England cost the taxpayers as they promised they would do. I think the taxpayers deserve to know that info-- not sure the newspaper does. Open records request, anyone? Bueller? ... Bueller?

Anonymous said...

Walker doesn't govern, he just campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to his planned trip to Israel? Or was he too Intimidated to go?