Friday, February 27, 2015

More media getting glimpse of the shifty Scott Walker

Major media last week got to see Walker the unartful dodger as he gave silent assent to Rudy Giuliani smearing President Obama's faith and patriotism. 

That was on the heels of Walker's London Punting and No-Comment Tour, a political visit to create some international experience itself disguised as a State of Wisconsin trade mission.

This week, media got  a closer look at another ugly but familiar Walker tactic when he attacked citizen protesters as terroristic, then denied he'd done any such thing.

Wisconsinites have seen Walker's intellectual and verbal dishonesty before.

Remember when he called his signature and most consequential proposal - - Act 10 - - a "modest proposal" though it ended 50 years of public sector bargaining, cut workers take-home pay and gave his own career and right-wing politics in the state an upper hand over weakened, Democratic-leaning unions.

And after dropping his Act 10 bomb (his phrase) on public employees and their collective bargaining rights - - Walker claimed Act 10 did no such thing?

His saying that Act 10 left public-sector collective bargaining "fully intact" earned Walker a "Pants in Fire" PolitiFact rating:

In arguing the changes would be modest, Walker cited the civil service system and said "collective bargaining is fully intact." However, Walker himself has outlined how his budget-repair bill would limit the collective bargaining rights of public employees.
Indeed, it’s that provision that provoked daily demonstrations at the state Capitol and national media attention. To now say now say collective bargaining would remain "fully intact" is not just false, it’s ridiculously false.
And that means it is Pants on Fire
Then flash-forward nearly four years to Walker's claim that his attack in his proposed budget on the University of Wisconsin's historic mission statement was a mere "drafting error," when documents showed that senior administration officials intentionally included the changes.

Again: attack, then deny.

That got him a Pants in Fire rating, too. 


Anonymous said...

And yet, sad to say, he was reelected last year.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that. He is being investigated by the feds for election fraud.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

He told Fox News that he tells people what he's going to do and then he follows through. Funny.... everything that he's done in Wisconsin was never preceded by his telling us. It was a secret until he dropped the bomb.

MadCityVoter said...

Yup, government by sneak attack. People are still trying to discover all the bad in his budget proposal a month after it was released. And you can bet he won't own up to any of it.

Anonymous said...

Walker called Act 10 a "modest proposal" as a literary allusion to Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal," in which Swift suggested that the solution to poverty was for the rich to buy and eat the children of the poor. This is an entirely fair comparison and should not be mocked.

Anonymous said...

This just in…

Scott Walker resigns as Governor to join the Green Bay Packer organization... punter.

Milwaukeean said...

Please note that, as I have yet to see reported, the so-called "drafting error" has not been corrected. Walker's plan for demolishing the UW structure -- and mission -- still stands, as it was and not as he said that it would be. See, for the most recent evidence, this week's release of the report by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau on the plan for the UW.