Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quaint leaders in business, churches, academia oppose WI 'right-to-work'

{Updated from 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.] Who are they, those old-timey do-gooders bypassed in fact-free, fact-hostile Wisconsin who are trying to inject some sanity into the Wisconsin Legislature's ideological-driven, pro-Walker 'debate' that is sure to lead to newly-depressed wages in low-wage Wisconsin?

*  Christian leaders statewide. (Scott Walker, on different wave-length, can't hear you.}

*  An economist not on the faculty at UW-Lazy Bones.  (GOP legislators prefer ALEC/WMC 'data.')

*  Small business owners polling local chambers of commerce. (Sorry. If you're not the WMC, you're no one.)

*  Running backs, strong safeties and wide receivers.


Anonymous said...

"Grover Norquist’s Tea Party scheme to crush his union enemies...'started back in 2007 on the shores of Lake Michigan,' at a meeting of fifteen intrepid activists who’d 'had enough of government overreach,' including then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker."

My bet is that Eric O'Keefe and Fitzgerald attended that meeting as well.

This has little to do with Wisconsin. It has to do with a bunch of people bringing something to those who don't want it. Like government overreach. :)

It was all mapped out in advance.

And it worked.

So yes, you are right: now, we are all quaint.

Anonymous said...

And they broke the law to do it.

Anonymous said...

Yes Divide & Conquer is unfolding per plan. It matters little who tears each other apart--its all a theater for the top 1% who watch insulated with greedy, eerie smiles. Its all happening as they, the superior ones, planned. The divisions, legislative & court battles, appeals, propaganda wars financed with dark & darker money. They are not a part of the fray. But the fray is their entertainment which justifies their bankrupt characters or souls. They don't really need more money. They desire & are gratified now by the power to control.