Monday, February 16, 2015

Walker hands out more big jobs to small government advocates

The hypocrisy continues - - these were winners last week, too  - -  as Walker rewards more friends and small government devotees who 'believe in a' small government that cuts food stamps and health care benefits with big fat government jobs.

Those with prior service will see nice bumps to their eventual pensions.

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lufthase said...

Huebsch replaces Callisto on the PSC. Callisto had been the sole voice of reason opposing the recent increases in fixed charges from WE, WPS, and MG&E. Expect a lot of 3-0 votes on the horizon.

GTac lobbyist Bob Setiz gets an "Executive Assistant" job at PSC. (Keep in mind that his client GTac's parent company is much more heavily invested in coal than iron.)

And MG&E exec Scott Neitzel becomes Secretary at DOA.

These appointments seem rather energy-industry-centric. What is this setting up for? Does the PSC have a say in the proposed WE Energies-Integrys merger? If we were to sell off state-owned power plants, would that be DOA doing the selling?