Wednesday, February 18, 2015

'Borrow-and-Spend' Walker is not a fiscal conservative

So in the last few days we have learned how phony is Scott Walker's purported fiscal conservatism:

*  He negotiated secretly a pay package for his favored State Troopers union that provided raises as high as 17%, even though under the union-busting Act 10 some veteran troopers had been exempted from other mandatory health and pension benefit contributions that effectively cut other public employees' take-home pay by about 10%.

*  Wants to budget for another $1.3 billion in borrowing for road-building even though data show vehicle-miles-driven is falling.

*  Intends to 'balance' his budget by withholding scheduled debt payments on loan principal, thus increasing the eventual cost to taxpayers as interest grows on the unpaid bill. Try that with your home mortgage and see what happens.

*  Is costing state taxpayers up to $400 million for Medicaid health insurance coverage by continuing to refuse available funding from the federal government - - just to keep alive his partisan, opportunistic political fight over Obamacare with the President that other Republican governors have finally understood to be stupidly costly and self-defeating.

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Anonymous said...

" 'He’s complaining about government, but Scott Walker is government, too.'

Walker sparked a heated debate at local and state levels this week when he said he will not ask for stimulus money for county projects because he opposes increased deficit spending and favors tax cuts. "

Huh? He opposes what?

Oh, and read the last paragraph, too.