Monday, February 23, 2015

Wash Post columnist discovers the "insidious" in Scott Walker

The Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank sees and writes about what some of us have been saying for a long time:

Scott Walker is not a nice man.


Sue said...

Our national media still hasn't quite gotten up to speed on Governor Walker. Dana Milbank could have used this opportunity to point out that this 'agnostic', a man who wants to be our commander in chief, takes his orders directly from God.
Steep learning curve ahead for these folks.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be helpful for Dems & others who don't support Walker to see that Walker is indeed walking a thin line between sanity & insanity. Walker's visions of grandeur are completely reliant upon the voices that dictate his script, moves and the rewards he receives for executing them. Walker is not functioning as an independent human. For example, he can or cannot answer questions if they are not in his script, thus he has to "punt" or answers, "I don't know" etc. The absolute avoidance of unscripted questions and situations are a hallmark of his "style". It would be beneficial for Democrats to take advantage of and showcase this (as Mayor Barrett did) throughout Walker's presidential campaign. It is a weakness not to have one's own mind--let's take advantage of that!

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the in-state media that has seen years of divide-and-conquer see the insidious side of Scott Walker?

Oh yeah, they are busy printing his talking points as news and endorsing him repeatedly.

What's up with that sham watchdog in the state's largest newspaper anyhow?

Anonymous said...

Sue: They are not going to cover walker's fringe religious proclamations. And if you believe he takes his order directly from God you are falling victim to the propaganda.

Fact is, walker takes his orders directly from multinational corporate interests that have no loyalty to this nation.

I would be grateful if the media covered that, the real story.

But I am not holding my breath. Look at the shameless propaganda corporate media here uses to promote walker. The national corporate media answers to the same interests.

The things walker says about his faith shouldn't be considered news as they are disingenuous-at-best, outright lies-at-worst.

Jesus certainly didn't say kill the poor by making them suffer in absolute poverty. The divide-and-conquer politics walker stands for have nothing to do with Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Indeed RW conservatives, esp. the top 1% income bracket base and embody their ALEC agenda on philosophical principles espoused by Ayn Rand who was an atheist. She dubbed her philosophy "Objectivism" which was rejected by true philosophical academia. The central theme of it is "me, myself & I" and reject concern for another. It is the antithesis of Christianity.