Saturday, February 28, 2015

Walker would "totally privatize" Medicaid, transportation infrastructure

Lost in Walker's monumental foreign policy stumble before the Club for Growth was his answer to a question that Medicaid and transportation are programs he would "totally privatize."

Translation: Private health insurers are going to make out like bandits, plenty of poor people will make do without, highways and bridges are going to be leased to companies that will jack up the tolls (Google Chicago Skyway, parking meters, or Indiana tollway tolls) - - one summary post, here - - and a bus ticket on the few remaining lines will put low-income people back on the sidewalks.


Anonymous said...

The problem of Medicaid is that governors and legislators refuse to fully fund it or maintain adequate reimbursement rates

Anonymous said...

This joke is an on-going day after day example of "mis-conduct in public office!"