Friday, February 20, 2015

WI Republicans repeating failed Walker/jobs' fairy tales


* it's 'right-to-work' wage-killing legislation that will do the trick:
 9 minutes ago9 minutes ago.: I think we can make the case will jumpstart WI economy, protect jobs in state
*  Thirty-four months ago, it was the re-election of Walker after the recall election that was guaranteed to do the trick:
“...our economy is going to take off like a rocket,” state Rep. Robin Vos, R-Rochester, said Monday during a meeting with The Journal Times Editorial Board.
*  Though we're still ranked behind most states in job growth - -  missing much of the Obama recession and administration which Walker continually dismisses - -  Walker himself mouthed the self-serving talking point about how his plans would spectacularly bring new jobs to Wisconsin:

Gov. Walker says business hiring will skyrocket after he wins recall election

SPRINGFIELD, IL (WTAQ) - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker told an Illinois business conference today that quote, “like a rocket, you’ll see businesses hiring” after the June fifth recall election


Anonymous said...

Fitzgerald actually thinks this will spur the Wisconsin economy......what is he smoking/ By lowering the pay of workers this will increase consumer spending [demand] which will result in job creation. Good god....when they attacked public employees and teachers and reduced their take home pay the economy took a $ 1 billion hit. The $300 million cut to the U W system will negatively impact the Wisconsin economy to the tune of$2.4 billion. I suppose old Fitz didn't bother to outline exactly how this will grow the Wisconsin economy.....of course not ...he doesn't have a clue and it won't!

lufthase said...

If cutting wages/benefits and aggregate demand is the way to jumpstarting the economy, let's just go all the way [severe snark]…

Get rid of the whole employer-employee thing. Make everyone a 1099 "independent contractor." Then, let business owners turn around and bill workers for overhead, materials, and consulting fees (formerly known as "supervision").

Make your workers pay for the privilege of working for you, and the sky's the limit! Ride the rocketship! Yeeehaw!! (And think of the millions of "new business start-ups" this will create.)

Anonymous said...

More "rocket ship" talk from the Gang-That-Couldn't-Shoot-Straight.

Let's just look at a couple of their more note-worthy efforts.

The Fantasy Iron Mine. Remember when the GOP stated that this would lead to "hundreds, if not thousands", of new jobs. The mine proposed in the Spring of 2011, currently has just five people at work. Since the price of standard 62% iron ore has fallen from $160/ton to $62/ton in that time, and given that Australian arch-conservative billionaire Gina Rinehart intends on opening the $10-billion Roy Hill Mine in September of this year, so that prices could slip to $45/ton, the Geogebic Mine is commercially non-viable. Not one ounce of commercially mined iron ore will ever be lifted from northern Wisconsin.

The Fantasy Aircraft. "De plane, de plane" Yes, the Kestrel K-350 composite turboprop, was going to bring "hundreds if not thousands" of new jobs to Superior. Powered by a $35-million state tax credit and millions in loans, and lots of county and city aid, the developer Alan Klapmierer, brought the refugee aircraft program from Portland, Maine (when that state ran out of patience and money) to Superior and has since: hired all of 35 people (although some have been de-jobbed), been late on its rent, been months behind, on two occasions, with repayments on its state loan (so much so that the repayment has been renegotiated twice), and missed a couple payrolls. The local technical school has begun graduating composite materials technicians who are going to Cirrus Aircraft (run by Klapmeirer's brother) in Duluth MN--which interestingly is also the address of Alan Klapmeirer's home. But it's all good because while Kestrel has not succeeded for the past four years in getting the $200-million in investor funds necessary to certify the aircraft, it does have an awesome wooden mock-up of the aircraft, which, sadly, can't fly--but it looks sweet sitting in a hangar. Alan's is okay with all this because he's been elected to the EAA Board which means the State of Wisconsin is funding his hobby of pretending to build aircraft. Oh, and a major competitor (who has money) will be introducing its own 8-passenger composite turboprop this fall with a price point below Kestrel's original projected price.

So here's what we are really getting from the GOP:

low wage jobs in Wisconsin (from an excellent UW-Milw CED paper)

Dr. Morbius

Anonymous said...

Fitz through Walker under the bus. He acknowledged that the Wisconsin economy is in the doldrums.HE SAID THAT "RIGHT TO WORK" WILL JUMP START THE ECONOMY! They've been telling us that Wisconsin is doing great economically. I guess....."NOT SO MUCH."

Anonymous said...

Fitz threw Walker under the bus? No. Walker and the GOP are throwing us under the bus.

my5cents said...

And they claim they are growing business in Wisconsin by continually pointing out all the businesses that have moved to Kenosha county from Illinois. I will bet you that if you drive through those companies' parking lots you will see the majority of license plates on vehicles say Illinois on them. So, how is that creating jobs for Wisconsin residents? Those businesses only moved here for the tax benefit which the rest of us will now have to make up for. That is not the way to grow a state economy.

Anonymous said...

It's understood, right, that they have no interest in creating jobs. That's just what they tell us rubes.