Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Walkeropathy outbreak

His syndrome is getting serious. He thinks he's facing down Islamic jihadists and Putin by attacking Wisconsin blue-collar wages.


Anonymous said...

So where is the miluaukee "watchdog" on this one?


Walker is makin' some pretty strange proclaimations, but this isn't news in Milwaukee?!?!?!

MJS political reporter is proppin' walker up with this story:

ALL POLITICS BLOG: Walker promises not to attack other GOP (I won't linke -- just shameless propaganda).

Anonymous said...

He tried to sell this earlier that Reagan's greatest foreign policy position was when he fired the air traffic controllers as that showed Putin that Reagan was "one" tough cookie to deal with. Walker went so far as to claim that papers existed documenting Putin's reaction. Needless to say top officials said no such papers ever existed and Walker made this up!

Raven said...

I dearly hope that any time Gov. Walker addresses a Christian (anything) Convention, someone will ask him about his kicking Wisconsin's poor and elderly off the state's health insurance, and reducing welfare benefits, in light of Matthew 25:41-45 "whatever you did not do for [one of] the least of these, you did not do for me."