Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Too-Little-Too-Late WI Question-of-the-Day

The fight over so-called right-to-work legislation kicked into high gear Tuesday with a rally drawing workers and protesters to the Capitol and a public hearing featuring dueling experts...  
"This issue is at its heart about worker freedom," Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) told the committee. 
But James Hoffman, president and owner of Hoffman Construction Co. of Black River Falls, said the change could devastate his business. Operating Engineers Local 139 runs training programs that provide him with a steady stream of workers. 
If those employees can opt out of paying union fees, those training programs will be scaled back and he won't be able to rely on them for workers, he said. 
"I ask you: Why are you doing this to my company?" he told the committee.

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Peter Lewis said...

I appreciate Mr. Hoffman's "big picture" look at the issue. However, "Right to Work" (ROW) has nothing to do with worker's rights or job place fairness. It has everything to do with killing the last vestige of political might left in the Wisconsin Democratic Party and ensuring that our 10 Electoral College votes will reliably go for Republicans, reversing a 30-year pattern.